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    Positive Affirmations


    Positive (nice thoughts) Affirmations

    Are when you

    Feel down or something is bothering you,

    You would think

    A negative (not nice thought) thought.

    Because you have just

    Fallen out with your best friend, you

    Would think something

    Like this, "Oh my best friend

    Is gone and nobody else will be friends

    With me",(that was

    A negative thought).Instead you can think

    A positive thought

    Like this,"Well today my friend

    Has fallen out with me but this is a great

    Chance to make new

    And better friends". Read these examples again,

    Which one do you

    Think is the best thing

    For you? Thats right!, the positive one. Although

    You may feel

    Terrible inside, you have to think positively because

    What you

    Think gets processed and

    Then it happens in the real world. This is a positive affirmation.

    So next time you feel sad, lonely, misreble, or that kind of thing,

    Think positively

    And after a while, you will feel better.

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